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Changing Face Of Childhood of the Day: Nadia Ilse’s “elephant ears” long ago earned her the name “Dumbo” from classmates. By the time she was 10, she was pestering her mom for an otoplasty, an operation to pin her ears back:

The taunting hurt so much.

Now, at 14, her wish has been granted — and for free, by New York-based Little Baby Face Foundation, a nonprofit that provides surgery for kids who are bullied for their physical appearance.

Of course, the foundation’s Dr. Thomas Romo recommended Nadia go all out, so in addition to having her ears pinned back, Nadia received a nose job and a newly symmetrical chin.

Next up for Nadia? Counseling, and working to regain the confidence she’d lost over the years.

Don’t miss the teen’s revealing post-surgery interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

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…so this nonprofit is promoting the idea that you shouldn’t accept and love your body as it is, if people are assholes and make fun of you - change it!

What in the actual fuck. We should be teaching people not to be cruel, to promote self-love rather than “fix everything and then someone will love you”

Oh heaven forbid, an organization that aims to provide /actual/ relief for those being bullied mercilessly for something out of their control.

Why, they should just stop doing good work altogether and tell these kids that they’re beautiful no matter what, because everyone knows that a hollow phrase like that is damn sure to stop those mean old bullies from verbally harassing you day in and day out!

It’s unreasonable as fuck to expect them to try and change society, to try and change mean little shits like kids. Have you ever been to middle school? That place is fucking horrific and these people are at least doing something about it.

Yeah it doesn’t fit into the tumblr social justice mantra of being beautiful no matter what but who fucking cares as long as it improves the quality of these kids’ lives.

the question then, when is the line drawn? breast enhancement? growth hormones or steroids or controlled leg breaks? Tattoos, piercings, laser eye color changing?

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    I had my nose done because I hated it and was tired of crying myself to sleep for 5 years. Did it make me stronger?...
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    Whoa, this gave me a flashback to 5th grade.. a classmate named mike got this surgery because people would lightly tease...
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    NO this is NOT okay! Doesn’t anyone know pre-teens? After she gets all that work done, unless she moves to a brand new...
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    This is fucking unnerving
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    This is all kinds of wrong.
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  18. the-escaped-fish said: I saw a news story of this, and I must admit she looks much more like herself than it originally appeared she would when they removed the bandages. I’m very glad, she was a beautiful young lady even before the surgery.
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    She really is getting a lot of shit. But those people didn’t go through what she did. After a while, you become your...
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    Are you serious? There’s a foundation for CHILDREN to get plastic surgery?! This is disgusting..granted I’m not against...
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    Honestly? I’d rather take that than being bullied to suicide.
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    a nonprofit that provides surgery for kids who are bullied for their physical appearance. are you kidding me? THAT is...
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